It is said that each meal is of great importance to us especially the main dish. However, I am too tired of the ordinary main dishes with dull ingredients and flavor to enjoy them. If you share the same feeling with me, you are completely a lucky dog! What I am sharing is exactly what you need—Top 7 admirable main dishes. You may have a superb appetite for them at the first sight of their colorful appearance and the alluring aroma. Let’s go and enjoy the delicacy!

Prosciutto Pineapple Pesto Paninis

Prosciutto-Pineapple-Pesto-PaninisHow could you miss this perfection? It is a quite simple but incredibly delicious combination of the Alliteration—prosciutto, pesto, pineapple as well as paninis. Merely with sourdough bread as the last one ingredient can you enjoy this fresh summer sandwich. Maybe you have never thought of the addition of pineapple, but it really works like a dream! It contributes a lot to other ingredients with Italian flavors. Have a try and make this colorful and refreshing sandwich as the main dish. Enjoy it! At

Chipotle Sweet Potato and Chicken Sausage Foil Packets Gluten Free

Chipotle-Sweet-Potato-and-Chicken-Sausage-Foil-Packets-Gluten-FreeAre you a crazy camper? I have heard that many people regard it as the favorite activity. But what bothers them so much is what to prepare for lunch or dinner. Here I would like to give you an excellent one. The preparation couldn’t be simpler any more. Simply put all the ingredients needed into a large bowl and season them with some spices. In addition, you can’t miss the cheese! Transfer them into pieces of foil. They will be ready for your camping after grilling  for about 20 min. Actually, it has been proven the most popular mainstay of summer camps. Try it for your next camp! At

Asian Chicken Coleslaw

Asian Chicken Coleslaw

Do you prefer coleslaw? This recipe is exactly for you if you are a huge fan of the coleslaw. Together with carrot strips, thinly sliced onion & cucumbers and other vegetables else, the cabbage gets a better flavor. What’s more, the addition of the cooked skinless and boneless breasts makes this dish really something! On the other hand, the colorful appearance will surely make you enjoy pleasantly. Actually, you can sub various vegetables for the regular ones. I bet you are going to make it! At

Savory Tart Green Bean Mushroom Tart

Savory Tart Green Bean Mushroom TartDon’t you think of this tart as an inspiration at the first sight of it? The tempting-looking tart is much classier than those ordinary ones. You may feel it more complicated to make. However, as the old saying goes, it is never too late to learn. Merely get all the ingredients ready and carefully follow the directions. After a while, you will appreciate what you have done. You can get the amazing feeling only at the first bite! What’s more, you can sub various kinds of cheese for different flavors. Go ahead and enjoy it with your families! At

Thai Peanut Slaw

Thai Peanut Slaw

Does the assortment of colors leave a deep impression on you? This best recipe of the veggie slaw is exactly to your taste! It features in the awesome flavors and special aromas of the spices. In addition, the dressing is more special with the peanut butter and apples well blended. This slaw is much healthier and rich in protein. Besides, it contains quite low calories. You may add some rice vinegar and dried cranberries into the slaw if you like. It is definitely worth trying! At

A Maine Dish Shepard’s Pie

A Maine Shepard’s PieI nearly can’t wait to try this fabulous comforting shepard’s pie! It looks satisfying and hearty with such a fantastic flavor. Actually, the most important thing is that I have never thought that it can be made in my kitchen. I crazily love this recipe with all the ingredients at my hand and easy directions to follow. Moreover, the addition of the creamed corn makes this pie even better to taste. Wow, I am addicted at this killer idea and if you share the same feeling, try it as soon as possible! At

Quinoa Fried Rice

Quinoa Fried RiceIsn’t it a wonderful choice as the main dish? I am sure it will definitely catch your eyes. This dish is really heart healthy and contains high protein. As a matter of fact, the fish sauce is the key without doubt! Merely with some simple directions and easily found ingredients will you make out such an unbelievable dish. In addition, some finely chopped carrots and onion will contribute much to it. Make a try in your kitchen. Surely your families will high appreciate it! At

Believe it or not, all the recipes above are definitely worth trying! Try them to enrich your main dishes and enjoy your life! Come on!

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