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Deep Love to Mother: Top 7 Recipes Based on Yummy Chocolate

Chocolate is really something that most people show great interest in. With attractive black color and alluring smell, it has been the indispensable ingredient in various recipes. As Mother’s Day is on the way, it is time to prepare extraordinarily delicious food for our most beloved mother! Here are some carefully selective recipes with chocolate as an ingredient. Choose whichever you prefer to and make it for your mother to show deep love. Come on, let’s enjoy these delicacies together.

Venetian Hot Chocolate ~ Dark, Rich, Pure Bliss

I am growing up with my mother’s dense love. However, she is getting old. Although I know it is impossible, I have a strong desire that she can stay young and energetic forever. For that, I think it is a perfect choice to make an elegant hot chocolate for mother’s breakfast. This recipe is quite easy for you. Get up earlier in the morning, make the hot chocolate and prepare some cookies. Your mother will be full of vigor and keep a pleasant mood in the whole day! At

I Can’t Believe You Made That Rocky Road Coconut Cake.

I bet all women love cakes crazily, especially chocolate cakes, so does your beloved mother! Why not make this adorable Rocky Road Cake for her to express your strong feeling? Go ahead! Although the procedure seems complicated, you have no need to worry about it. There are detailed directions to help you accomplish this gorgeous chocolate cake. Garnish it with marshmellows, mini eggs, Jamaican rum truffles and coconut, which will make it more attractive! At

Everyday Mexican Hot Cocoa ~ Frothy, Chocolaty & Cinnamon-Scented

This is another recipe of hot chocolate, which is loved by the Victorians too. We all regard the mother as a queen, so it is the terrific choice to make her enjoy a treatment like a real queen. For better flavor, you may top the drink with a little fat free cream. Also, have some cookies or cinnamon as addition. Besides, this combination is good for health. I am sure your mother will be glad to enjoy it! At

Chocolate Brownie Hearts

We usually use the heart to express strong feeling of love. So the first time I saw this chocolate brownie heart, an idea came into my mind that I would make it for my mother. Surely, she will appreciate it. Maybe, you would be worried that how to take them out of the pan. Actually, you’d better combine the proper quantity of ingredients so that they will be easily removed. Don’t be flinching, I believe you will make it! At

Chocolate Cupcakes with Avocado Frosting (Vegan)

Do you like this chocolate cupcake frosted with avocado? Such a tasty decadent dark chocolate cupcake will surely draw everyone’s eye! Of course, the key procedure is to make avocado frosting. With dark chocolate, vanilla, help milk, agave syrup and so on as basic ingredients, carefully follow these directions, I am sure you will accomplish this special and yummy frosting. Come on! Prepare this for your mother, and have a pleasant time with her. At


Romantic Dark Chocolate Covered Strawberries & My Roses

Both chocolate and strawberries are my dearest. So, romantic dark chocolate covered strawberries catched my attention at the first sight. It is such an interesting thing to enjoy this amazing experience to make the delicacy. Pick up some fresh and well washed strawberries, set aside. Microwave and blend the chocolate until they completely melted. Be careful to follow the other directions, and finally I believe you will be blissful with these adorable strawberries. At

Chewy White Chocolate Chunk-Cherry Oatmeal Cookies

Oatmeal cookies differ in various flavors. I prefer this one with white chocolate chunk and cherry. Actually, they are such a kind of chewy cookies. Dried cherries, chopped white chocolate and almonds promote the flavor. It is worthwhile to make a try although the procedure will cost you some time. You will know how yummy they are as enjoying the unforgettable experience of the cooking. At

Each one is worth trying. Hope you will enjoy yourself and best wishes to your mother!