Summer is coming. Nothing could be better than ice cream to cool you down in the heat of summer. Here we provide you seven homemade ice cream recipes(vegan and low carb ice cream included). The best thing about homemade is that we can always be creative and we would never see the same product as ours in grocery stores! Let’s try something new and get started!

Strawberry Ice Cream(No Ice Cream Maker)

strawberry icecream
If you want to eat healthy, this recipe must be your best choice! All the ingredients we need are fresh strawberry, fresh cream, fresh milk and sugar. Mix the corn flour and chilled water and add them into a pan of heated milk. Mix well and let it cool down. Whip the cream and sugar in a mixing bowl, puree the strawberries and pour milk mixture into the mixing bowl. Leave it in the freezer for hours until it gets slushy. We have to keep transferring container and blending to make it more creamy. Just wait for 8 more hours. And that’s all we have to do. At

Perfect Low Carb Vanilla Ice Crea

No sugar added and no eggs. Yes I am amazed by this astonishing recipe! This vanilla ice cream is low carb and its taste and condition is exactly the same as any other normal vanilla ice cream! To achieve the low carb, we replace sugar by powdered Swerve Sweetener or powdered erythritol. Also we use low carb sweetened condensed milk instead of normal condensed milk. All the ingredients we are going to use is easy to find in grocery stores. If you are looking for a low carb and easy-made ice cream, this should be your choice! At

Sweet Southern Belle Ice Cream

Make the ice cream with the ice cream maker. Bourbon honey caramel is also fairly easy to make, just have to add all the ingredients up and cook until temperature of the caramel reaches 238 degrees. Now here comes the most important part. Make the crunchy cornbread by mixing cornbread cubes with melted butter and sugar. Toast it in the oven for 20 to 30 minutes and stir them to make sure all sides are crunchy. Mix the bread cubes with ice cream nicely and pour caramel onto the ice cream. At

Blue Berry Ice Cream

Blue berry ice cream

Another easy-made recipe! We follow all the basic steps of making ice cream, then add some homemade blueberry flavor. To get the lueberry flavor, we heat the mixture of sugar, lemon juice and frozen blueberry until the sugar get melted and blueberry get soften. And set the flavor mixture in the fridge and let it cool down. Next all we need to do is mix the flavor with cream mixture and freeze overnight. Meanwhile, homemade waffle sounds like a good choice to go with! At

Mint Julep Ice Cream

Mint julep ice cream

A classic kind of southern ice cream. We have to hammer the mint leaves, add them into a pan with milk and cream. Let the mint leaves release their essential oils and flavors and let them cool down. Then we follow the most common steps of making ice cream and we have to remove the mint leaves before we heat the cream mixture again. Notice that we use egg yolks in this recipe. At

Nutter Butter Ice Cream(Vegan)

Nutter Butter Ice Cream(Vegan)
Vegan, organic and healthy! Take a look at the effortless ice cream recipe! To make the ice cream, we put the mixture of bananas, nuts, maple syrup or sweetener, water and salt into ice cream machine and we are done!!! To add more sweet flavor, we just need to mix raw chocolate powder, raw almond butter, nuts, maple syrup and salt all together and stir into the ice cream. This is the easiest and most healthy one to make. Great for people who doesn’t have enough time to bake but always enjoys homemade food. Well then, I guess I will stick with this one for the coming summer. At

Protein Ice Cream

Protein Ice Cream

An ice cream recipe that can help you to build muscles! The ingredients are scoop vanilla or unflavored protein powder, sugar-free fat-free Jell-O pudding mix and water. All you need to do is mix the ingredients together and put it into the ice cream maker then you are done! Add some nuts, chocolate chips or small pieces of fruit for more flavors and energies! Have some homemade protein ice cream after exercise, ummm yum! At

I remember when I was young, family always got together at uncle’s farm, we shared our stories, enjoyed the meal…and mom would bring her manual ice cream machine and make our favorite vanilla ice cream. Besides the tastiness and healthiness, home is another important reason why we prefer homemade food. To share, to love, that is what home taught us. Today we are here sharing our favorite 7 homemade ice cream recipe with you. Hope you can have a great summer and don’t forget to share your love by making the homemade ice cream!!!


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