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Top 7 Beauteous But Extremely Easy Cake Recipes

Everyone loves beautiful, cute and tasty cakes. But you may have no idea that such wonderful cakes can be made easily by yourself. What I’m introducing are 7 cake recipes with the most beauteous, yummy and simple-making. Some of them are like the special food for Santa Claus. Some of them could bring you the feeling of being at the seaside. They are the elfins in your table. You are sure to fall in love with them at the first sight!

Cherry Limeade Cupcakes

In most instances, the combination of red and green would produce a terrible result that everyone would try their best to avoid the meeting of the two. But sometimes, these two urchins could surprise the world. For example, during Christmas, red and green could be together and bring a warm and festival effect. These adorable cupcakes are full of Christmas air. Maybe they are special desserts serving for Santa Claus only! The colorful appearance will cheer anyone up! Limeade cupcakes topped with cherries produce a perfect flavor of sour and sweet. At

Angel Food Cake Cupcakes & Strawberry Buttercream

I believe pink is the favorite color for most girls. These little pink cupcakes remind me of the beautiful wedding dress. Maybe they look a little complicated, but they are much easier to make than you thought. I have no idea that if there is anyone who doesn’t like the taste of strawberry, the answer may be yes, I think. Charming pink cupcakes with a strawberry flavor won’t let anyone down. Serve yourself and your girlfriends these lovely pink cupcakes on a girl’s night and share secrets with each other. It must be the most unforgettable evening you have ever spent. Let’s fill the world with pink love and taste!  At

One Bowl Mini Red Velvet Cupcakes With Whipped Vanilla Frosting

Color red is regarded as passion, warmth and love. This is a cupcake that is full of love. It can be the most brilliant choice to serve these lovely cupcakes on a wedding ceremony, candlelight dinner or any situation that require a romantic atmosphere. They are like the fresh blooming roses in summer. Nobody could succeed in struggling against the temptation of them. They are like the buds of plum blossom which are ready to burst in winter, the Sakura in riotous profusion in spring and the red maple leaves in autumn. They can provide you with the palatable enjoyment and arouse you the delightful love. At

Better than a Pot O’ Golden Oreos… Rainbow Poke Cake

I can’t find any word to describe this cake except gorgeous. You can call this cake works of art because it’s far more than a cake! Beautiful rainbow covered by snow white cream brings you to a paradise! Are you still surprising at seeing rainbows after rainy days? You can possess one right now! Don’t be amazed by its picturesque appearance, you can make one just by finishing a few applications! Imagine that having a rainbow cake on a rainy day, how wonderful it is! The whole world will envy your enjoyment! At

Raspberry Lemon Cream Cheese Cupcakes

I fell in love with these cute cakes in the first sight. They are exactly like desserts coming from fairy tales. These cupcakes are like little fancy pictures: Spring is coming with the unmelted snow on the ground. If anyone asks you where is spring, you can tell them spring is in the cupcakes! Besides, it tastes better than it looks, because everyone loves the combination of Raspberry and Lemon. At

Popcorn Cupcakes

What’s the best snack for watching a movie? Popcorn, of course. And, what’s the best dessert for a dinner? Cupcake, of course. Therefore, what’s the best snack when you are watching a movie after dinner? Absolutely, popcorn cupcakes! I bet you’ve never seen such a unique cake. Just imagine how pleasing the taste is when sweet cream covered by crisp popcorn. It’s a wonderfully amazing idea to combine them together, isn’t it? I believe you can’t wait to taste them! At

Almond Joy Cupcakes

If I were the maker of the cupcakes, I would call them the Refresh Sky Cupcakes or the Cupcakes from the Seaside. The exquisite appearance will bring you to the seaside. It is like a beauty who lies on the beach and has a sun bath. I have already enjoyed full refreshment merely by the shredded coconut which is like frost. They look so pretty, but easy to make. If you love coconut, chocolate and almond, try it! I believe you’ll surprise everyone! At

Do you like these cute and yummy cakes? Which one do you like most? Or do you have any other amazing cake recipes to share? Share us with your opinions!