Some of us want to make a big breakfast on Mother’s Day because mothers prepare nutritional breakfast for us every day. I will share some recipes with you and you may practice one of them secretly. When you are good at this breakfast, make it for your mother confidently. Delicious food always can express our love for mothers. Look over these recipes and you will find the beat one.

Flower-Power-BreakfastFlower Power Breakfast

At the first sight of this picture, I know it is a creative breakfast. Have you ever tried such beautiful meal? It contains eggs, bacon, fruits, berries, nuts, veggies and fat from avocado. A rich breakfast! Some people may think it is difficult to make with so many ingredients. I promise you. You can’t find any easier recipe than this one. Shape the ingredients and place them as same as this picture and you will finish it. At

Cream Cheese Puff with Roasted Bacon EmulsionCream Cheese Puff with Roasted Bacon Emulsion

How do you feel when you eat cream cheese puff? Yes. Very happy! I think mothers will also be happy if we prepare puff for them. We combine puff with roasted bacon because we can’t keep energy only with puff. You will know how delicious it is at your first taste. Mothers should enjoy such tasty food. Take some of your time to learn this recipe. At

breakfast_yogurt_bowlPomegranate Yogurt Bowl Recipe

Apparently, this is a special breakfast. Mothers will love pomegranate juice and Greek yogurt. We also add toasted sunflower seeds and bee pollen which are good for women’s body and skin. This breakfast is really suitable for mothers, isn’t it? With time going on, we should care for mother’s health. Try to make this breakfast and present for mothers. At

Fruit Salad GreensFruit Salads with a Twist

Fruit salad is also a very healthy breakfast. The fresh smell of fruits and vegetables will make people energetic. You can add any fruits and vegetables according to your mother’s taste. Absolutely, this dish is abundant in many kinds of vitamins with low-calories. This will be the perfect breakfast recipe for the mothers on diet.  At

Paleo Almond Honey GranolaPaleo Almond Honey Granola

Almond honey granola is a tasty and healthy breakfast. Most of us take granola as breakfast, but we blend almond and honey in granola in this recipe. In addition, you can add whatever nuts and fruits you desire. Highly adaptable to individual tastes! You will have a wonderful taste with the different kinds of nuts added in. Don’t miss this delicious breakfast. At

Breakfast Burrito BakeBreakfast Burrito Bake

Making burrito is another good choice on Mother’s Day. We add minced potatoes, vegetables and beans. How rich it is! You should deal with lots of preparatory work because of many kinds of ingredients added in. I think you will decide cook it for your mother when you taste it. Hurry up to learn this recipe! At

breakfast-power-smoothieBreakfast Power Smoothie

Sometimes, we want to drink the smoothie in the morning. You can try this recipe if you plan to make a glass of smoothie for your mother. It is very easy to make. In this recipe, we use frozen strawberries. However, you can add any fruits your mother like. It is adaptable to individual tastes. Mothers will be refreshed when they drink such tasty smoothie. At


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