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Top 7 Convenient and Simple Sandwiches for Picnic

Since summer is in the corner, many families plan to have picnics on weekends. Maybe sandwiches are the most convenient food for picnics. Are you looking for some easy but special sandwich recipes? Today, I will share with you some perfect sandwich recipes found at blogs. They all won’t let you down when you make a try. Take the time to browse through these recipes and leave your comments to contact with others.

Caprese Grilled CheeseCaprese Grilled Cheese Sandwich

This recipe is based on a nice and simple caprese salad which consists of basil, mozzarella and tomatoes. We change it into an excellent grilled sandwich. Almost everyone can’t reject the tasty melted cheese. You should not slice the mozzarella too much thickly to make sure it melts completely. Cook until cheese turns a nice golden brown. You will get the best grilled cheese sandwich. At diethood. com

Roast Beef PaniniRoast Beef Panini

Beef sandwich is very traditional. But this recipe will impress you with its generous amounts of roast beef. Surprisingly, we add in sweet dill pickles. You will know how excellent taste it has at your first bite. Meanwhile, the amount of ingredients in the sandwich depends on your own habits. When the cheese melts, the sandwich is ready to eat.

Mini Chocolate Chip LoveMini Chocolate Chip Love Sandwiches

From this title, you will know this recipe is appropriate for girls who want to learn a sandwich recipe to go picnic with their boyfriends. It is romantic to make chocolate chip sandwiches for boyfriend, isn’t it? You may fill them with other fillings. It depends on what your boyfriend likes. Girls, do not miss this opportunity. Learn this recipe and give your boyfriend a big surprise. At

BLTABLTA  Sandwiches

You may ask what is BLTA sandwich. It means we add bacon, tomato, avocado and lettuce. You will be surprised at how simple it is. If you like peppery, you may add mustard. It is optional. Bake bacon as crispy as you like. The lettuce, tomato and avocado will have a fresh taste. Try this simple but fresh sandwich and you will love it. At

Ham and Cheese PicnicHam and Cheese Picnic Sandwiches

This kind of sandwich is suitable for those who do not like soggy taste. To enhance its flavor, we add the marinated tomatoes. It is also delicious if you use fresh tomatoes. You can use the spreadable onion and chive cream cheese in this recipe although we use garlic and herb cheese. I promise you. This sandwich will be welcomed by the children.

Chicken FajitaChicken Fajita Sandwiches

When you look over these ingredients needed in this recipe, you will know this is a very nutritional sandwich. We blend green and red peppers with chicken breast. All you need to do is cook chicken breast together with chopped peppers and onions. Place chicken mixture on a bun and top with a dollop of sour cream. Then you can serve this sandwich. Very simple! At

HummusHummus Sandwich

Have you ever eaten a hummus sandwich? Actually, this is a veggie sandwich. Most veggie sandwiches use cream cheese, but we use hummus. So, you may try this new sandwich and compare it with other veggie sandwiches. Any kinds of fresh vegetables you like can be used in this recipe. As for hummus, you may buy it from a store or make it in person. At