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Top 7 Delectable Bread for Breakfast

Few things can bring me more satisfaction in the kitchen than pulling a fresh, warm loaf of bread from the oven. My dream is to make delicious and nutritional bread for my family. Are you looking for some classic bread recipes? I have secured a number of breads recipes which may satisfy your requests. I promise that each of them will deserve your efforts. Don’t hesitate to make such yummy breads tomorrow morning. Visit each blog to obtain detailed recipe and you may leave your comments.

Blueberry Lemon Sweet Rolls

I am fond of the combination of blueberry and lemon, so I can imagine how delicious these sweet rolls are! You shouldn’t miss such perfect bread recipe if you are a sweet bread lover. Actually, since these sweet rolls are homemade, they don’t have any fat or calories! Sounds great, right? Maybe some of you think this is a complicated recipe because of the wonderful flavor. To tell the truth, you will enjoy the dreamy bread just following the detailed directions on the blog. At

Nutella Banana Pull-Apart Bread

Nutella Banana
Nutella is so in vogue that it could be an excellent combination of Nutella and banana. You will fall in love with the pull-apart bread as nobody can resist the temptation to open a beautiful box with a little slit. Even more enticing, you will be surrounded in the smells of banana, chocolate, hazelnut and brown-sugar sweetened bread when you break it. I bet it will be the most popular bread recipe in your family. At

Best Egg Bread

Best Egg Bread
Today I will share with you something that makes you think” Oh my god, that’s far too complicated for me” but quite easy to make in fact. It will be a super hit among your family members. To bake it at home is to have your apartment surrounded by a sweet aroma which will encourage you to walk around in the hazy days. It will bring you much refreshment on the morning with glorious flavor. At

Buttery Honey Beer Bread

Buttery Honey Beer
I have been looking for a straightforward, simple beer bread recipe which needs a few ingredients. This will be the perfect beer bread recipe when you need something easy to serve with stew or soup. I love the fantastic flavor and texture especially when it involves beer! You can’t wait to try a bite of this heavenly, buttery goodness when you pull it out of the oven. Best of all, you will smell the sweetness from honey which can enhance the yummy flavor of bread. At

Lemon Raspberry Breakfast Rolls

Lemon Raspberry Breakfast
What is the perfect breakfast in your dream? As for me, I am fond of a sweet roll together with a cup of coffee. These look so delicious! I always enjoy such fresh, summer colors with a little pinch of winter comfort food. Believe it or not, these rolls are not overly sweet with soft dough and fruit filling. Try to make these yummy rolls today! At

Fluffy Delicious Cornbread

Fluffy Delicious Cornbread
I began to fall in love with the flavorful and delicious cornbread when I tried them several years ago. I can’t help eating them especially since they are slathered in cinnamon honey butter. I bet you couldn’t resist the temptation as well. Blend all ingredients into smooth and bake for 25 minutes. You may enjoy the moist cornbread. Absolutely, you can add any kinds of seasonings as you like. It is highly adaptable to individual taste. At

Lightened-Up Hot Cross Buns

These hot cross buns are adapted from an Easter recipe. Do you know why I recommend this bread recipe for you? Low calories! We use orange juice and fresh citrus replace the sugar in the original recipe. Best of all, we use whole-wheat pastry flour which is great for breakfast. Warm orange juice and grated lemon zest will enhance the flavor of bread. We add raisin in this recipe while you may put any other dried fruits. At