Are you ready for welcoming the thankful and loving mother’s day? Are you still rock your brain to choose a special gift for your affectionate mother? Here are 7 cocktail recipes. Hold a party on mother’s day eve and serve your mother a specially-made cocktail. I believe it will be the most passionate and unforgettable mother’s day ever.

Sour Apple SangriaSour Apple Sangria

Since we’ve already step into summer, I’m introducing you a refresh and yummy sangria. You can tell by the picture that it is a gorgeous cocktail. To tell you the truth, it drinks yummier than it looks. Imagine that taking a ride with your mother and your whole family as well as appreciating the scene along the road. Park when feel tired or desiring relaxing and enjoy such sweet and sour sangria. It is absolutely wonderful, isn’t it? I’m quite sure that everyone loves fizzy juice. It will make you cool and refresh on the first drink. If your mother is a fan of Mexican soda, don’t miss it. At

Raspberry Pomegranate Champagne CocktailRaspberry Pomegranate Champagne Cocktail

When it comes to the color red, people always think up with words like passionate, zealous and love. Without doubt, this cocktail is exactly a brilliant choice for a mother’s day party since it’s full of love, enthusiasm and passion. Not only does it sound delicious and look gorgeous, but also it tastes fantastic! Believe it or not, it could also be made with apple or peal spark cider as a non alcoholic version and as yummy as before. It’s quite considerate, isn’t it? Try it and your mother will feel all your love in it!  At

Breezy Blue CocktailBreezy Blue Cocktail

Summer is a pleasant season because you can take a trip to the seaside and have a sun bath. Wow, it’s really a marvelous idea to celebrate the mother’s day in the seaside. And it would be perfect to have such a breezy and celestial blue cocktail. Solely the imagination makes me feel cozy and comfortable. Though it looks so elegant, it’s quite easy to make. The only thing to do is prepare three ingredients and stir them together in a beautiful glass and enjoy! I’m sure your mother won’t be more satisfied or touched with such an exquisite cocktail! At

Coconut Creamsicle MargaritasCoconut Creamsicle Margaritas

I bet you’ve never thought of combining tequila with coconut milk. As a crazy tequila lover, you can’t miss it. As a coconut fan, it would be your beverage of choice. It looks like the warm but not hot sun with orange, coconut water and coconut milk. As it’s known to us all, what the sun is to the lives is what the mothers are to us. So serve this warm cocktail on mother’s day and tell her your love. I bet she will be deeply touched. Spent a whole tranquil afternoon with your mother and chat with her about the memories of your childhood and serve both of you a cocktail full of tenderness. I’m sure it could be the most loved mother’s day. At

Pina Colada with Fresh Pineapple (Non-Alcoholic)Pina Colada with Fresh Pineapple (Non-Alcoholic)

It’s an interesting cocktail because it’s called pina colada without alcohol. If your mother is a person who doesn’t consume, it would be the first choice to serve her this yummy cocktail on mother’s day. Maybe you are wondering how pina colada tastes without alcohol. The truth is it will surprise everyone with such a delicious flavor in such a pure appearance. Amazingly sweet and ripe pineapple mixed up with tasty coconut milk will bring your mother a pleasant enjoyment. I’m looking forward to the surprised and satisfied face of you and your mother! At

Hot Buttered Rum and CiderHot Buttered Rum and Cider

You may have seen a lot of recipes for buttered rum cider, but you never pay much attention to them and never have a try. I have to say that it was your fault. Nevertheless, this one could definitely catch your attention with such an adorable appearance. Cinnamon, as a kind of spice, is absolutely stellar. This amazing cocktail steeps in the whole cinnamon cloves and sticks. The steaming cider melting and whisking butter makes itself a hit. I’m confident this hot buttered rum and cider will be your mother’s day party first-place beverage. At

Kahlua, Eggnog and Jameson Irish Whiskey CocktailKahlua, Eggnog and Jameson Irish Whiskey Cocktail

I bet you’ve never enjoyed a candlelight dinner with your mother. So, why not prepare a cozy and loving dinner for your mother? This cozy cocktail will add much warm and sweet to you and your mother. Remember that our moms always told stories when we were a little kid with a caliginous light? So, let’s celebrate mother’s day in theme of memory. I believe you absolutely have many secrets that you want to share with your mom but you didn’t tell her because of lacking of time or chances. It would be a wonderful opportunity to communicate with your mom. At

Have you decided which cocktail will you serve on mother’s day party? Or do you have any other delightful cocktail recipes to share? Leave your comment!


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