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Top 7 Quick and Healthy Sandwich Recipes

People love sandwiches not only because of their delightfully tastes, but their easy making. Here are 7 sandwich recipes that healthy, quick-making and yummy. If you are tiring of the ordinary recipes, try them. You will find they are excellent!

Spinach And ArtichokeSpinach And Artichoke Grilled Cheese Sandwich

I believe you have already known the directions of this recipe after your glancing over the picture. But you must have no idea that how many ingredients there are in the sandwich. Although it looks like the most ordinary sandwich, to tell you the truth, there are more than ten kinds of ingredients in it. It’s incredible, right? Which please me most is that the combination of sour cream, butter and three different kinds of cheese! It is admirable as a maigre recipe. At

Peach Cobbler SconesPeach Cobbler Scones

This is a fruit sandwich recipe. Different from other common sandwiches, all the ingredients in this one are baked. Fresh and sweet peach sandwiched with soft scones bring you the feeling of summer and sunshine. The word summery is exactly created for this sandwich. If I were the maker of this recipe, I would call them golden sunshine sandwiches. If you have been working a long time, ease yourself by making such a lovely sandwich. I believe it has the magic to refresh you! At

Cucumber Cheese SandwichCucumber Cheese Sandwich: Easy Sandwich Recipes

This is an extremely easy recipe that you can learn it in a minute. Cucumber is a popular vegetable that 90% people like it. This is an excellent recipe for those who are on a diet, as cucumber is the best vegetable to help you lose weight. You don’t have to bake or cook or heat. All you need to do is peel cucumber into thin strips and sandwich them with bread. You can also add anything you like. So, use your imagination adequately. At

Salmon-Tomato-Dill(Salmon-Tomato-Dill) Sandwich

It is surely interesting to call such a yummy recipe S.T.D sandwich. Don’t worry, its name is from the three principal ingredients, salmon, tomato and dill. Salmon sandwich is tasty enough to make you water your mouth, let alone add in pepper, snipped cheese and dill. It’s a perfect lunch for a relaxing weekend. If you don’t like the taste of salmon, that’s all right, you can place salmon with any kind of meat you desire. Just try it and you will find it’s unquestionably an ideal summer sandwich! At

Spicy Pulled Pork PopperSpicy Pulled Pork Popper Sandwich

Have you ever imagine something creamy, crunchy, sweet and spicy that you really want? This wonderful sandwich combines these tastes perfectly and produces a scrumptious flavor. The most awesome is you can make this sandwich as spicy as you want. Enjoy a hot meal! The pulled pork should be cooked slowly so that it can become ridiculously juicy and tender! Believe it or not, this sandwich will leave an unprecedented enjoyment to you. I bet you will want a second, third and fourth one until full when the taste from the first bite. It can be served on any parties or picnic. At

French Bread PizzaFrench Bread Pizza

This sandwich is different from the usual ones. Actually, they are more like a pizza. But, if you press them together, they become a big sandwich. Whatever it called, it doesn’t make a difference in its tastes. The combination of spicy, salty and sweet may sound weird but it tastes wonderful. Shredded chicken, red onions, barbecue sauce and an exact amount of cilantro bring the pizza an amazing flavor. Of cause, add any amount of pepper as you like. If you are a super fan of French cuisine, don’t miss this savory and easy sandwich! At


Pepper Jack Grilled CheesePepper Jack Grilled Cheese Sandwich

I think you maybe never consider of adding cream cheese on your grilled sandwiches. So, you have no idea how a sandwich tastes with roasted jalapeno and cream cheese. I can’t help myself telling you that this sandwich is in heavenly levels! The unique dispose with Jalapeno will produce an amazing flavor which will leave an unforgettable impression on you. Prepare 5 kinds of ingredients and you will serve yourself a brilliant meal. How easy and convenient it is! At


I believe now you need not rock your brain to improve the ordinary meals in everyday life. Do you like these sandwiches? Or do you have any fancy recipes to share? Come on and chat with us!