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Top 7 Sweet and Fantastic Candy Recipes

If you happen to have a sweet tooth, don’t miss these fantastic candy recipes. Thanks to their gorgeous appearances, delightful taste and easy directions, they are going to the most popular desserts in any parties. Of course, how could anyone resist the temptation of the lovely elves? Can’t wait to look through? Let’s go!

Pandan Coconut Candy

Look at the charming jade green, are you fascinated by it? It is generally agreed that coconut and pandan are the most evocative flavors of the tropics. They will become a super hit when combined together into a single sweet candy. Believe it or not, it tastes crispy and yummy as it looks. What amazes me most is that it’s pretty easy to prepare and only require five ingredients! As long as you prepare coconut, sugar, condensed milk, food coloring and flavoring, you already half succeed. Let alone fresh grated coconut is easily available and inexpensive. They are such vibrant colorful candies that will bring you much refreshment in the lazy summer days. At

Coconut Milk Fudge

Maybe you are tiring of having tons of coconut milk every week. Maybe you lose interests in it in baked goods or pancakes. Even so, you’ve never thought of adding coconut milk in fudge. It’s truly a wonderful try, isn’t it? Not only do sweetened condensed milk and coconut milk sounds like a match made in heaven, but they do tastes perfect. Besides, chocolate and coconut are one of the best flavor combos in the earth. Are you excited looking at this deliciousness? I bet you are eager to have a blast rolling them in the various flavors and melt them in your mouth. At

Nutter Butter Snowmen

Nutter Butter Snowmen
Perhaps you love peanut butter but never had a nutter butter cookie. It’s definitely a pity, isn’t it? I believe you would fall in love with these little ones on the first sight as I did. They are so cute and festive that will make anyone delighted. The adorable buttons on them are made by green and red M&M’s. Feel free to use any color as you desire, by all means decorate your snowman and enjoy them! Since weekends are coming, these cute snowmen will bring you an unforgettable and perfect short holiday.

Cotton Candy Meringues

Cotton Candy Meringues
Is there any food with flavors that reminiscent of childhood? Of course, cotton candy! Is there any food that tastes like clouds in a fairy tale? Again, cotton candy! They are in soft and floppy texture, adorable and pure looking, as well as sweet and yummy flavor. Without doubt, their melt-in-mouth taste is a fatal attraction to everyone. Sincerely speaking, they are amazingly easy to make. You will enjoy these fancy delicacies after preparing five ingredients and following five directions. At

Chocolate Covered Beer Marshmallows

I believe you’ve never heard of marshmallows with beer, neither did I. so, what does a beer marshmallow taste like on earth? Absolutely, it tastes amazing. It will melt in your mouth like a soft pillow with a mild hint of beer. I bet you are going to be obsessed with these crazy and dangerous candies. I’m sure it will be a marvelous hit on any parties. Additionally, you can try other kinds of liquid like whiskey, vodka, rum and cola. Let your brain go wild! At

Cake Batter Candy Cups

Colorful items always please people easily. These little candy cups look pretty cute and adorable and possess attractive tastes. Not only do they look interesting but they’re also big fun to make. All you need to do is prepare 5 ingredients, follow 2 directions and you will get 4 dozens candy cups! What an easy and delightful work! Serve your boyfriend and yourself on your private dinner and they will set fire to your romance and love! I bet you will totally fall for these marvelous sweet bites. What are you waiting for? Let’s start! At

Marshmallow Pops

Marshmallow Pops
To be honest, marshmallow pops are everywhere. Nevertheless, you can still have great fun with them. You can coat them with any topping as desired, for example, crushed candy, crushed cookies, chopped nuts, crushed pretzels or chocolate. This is a unique art that could drive your imagination go wild. Unquestionably these pops are quite easy to make and you almost spend no time. To tell you secretly, even kids would love to make these, let alone eat them. Are you going to have a family dinner on weekends? Prepare these cute pops and enjoy a cozy and loving evening with your families! At