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Top 7 Sweet & Savory Muffins

We regularly search for those comforting food in our life, because good recipe may bring us a nice mood and powerful energy. I have collected 7 extremely wonderful here for you for telling you the secret of happiness. If you come across several difficulties, don’t worry about it. They may be a gift presented by God, and you can enjoy the sweet fruit after overcoming them. The taste of success may be similar to these savory muffins. Try it out immediately. You won’t miss these recipes if you happen to be a muffin lover.

Pumpkin Doughnut Muffins

Maybe you haven’t made some doughnut-eating for a long time. This is a good chance to have them and it is perfect to serve them after your lunch. The cinnamon variety has always been my favorite food. It is a piece of good news for cinnamon fans, just like me, that this recipe is of a perfect combination of pumpkin and cinnamon coatings. Bush them immediately after taking them out of the oven. There will be a fabulous result by rolling them in a cinnamon-sugar mixture. You cannot imagine the fantastic feeling of each bite is melting in your mouth. At

Blueberry Muffins Ice Cream

Would this lovely picture remind you someone? I have a naughty elf in my mind with my very first sight. It is marvelous to make such an ice cream in the hot summer, isn’t it? Actually, this one has muffins inside. The muffin recipe, all-purpose flour and thousands of blueberries are all the ingredients you need. It is a fantastic idea to enjoy a spoonful of blueberry ice cream for breakfast. Recommend this muffin to your mom on a Sunday morning. You may kill two birds with one stone: have muffins for breakfast or brunch and adorable ice cream for dessert. At

Mini Maple Pancake Muffins

I think you should prepare a big griddle in advance. You may find it not enough to eat after regarding these pancake muffins as the best you have ever tried. What a wonderful idea it is to add the chocolate chips inside. If you are not fond of chips, don’t worry, you can simply leave them out of the oven. Thanks to these lovely muffins, brunch becomes easier and easier. This is a perfect idea for an on-the-run breakfast, especially for your naughty sons! You can also match the muffins with bits of sausage. So yummy! At

My Mom’s Muffins

Could you imagine that all these muffins are without butter and oil? To tell you the truth, my mom can make these beautiful muffins easily. You can make them in your own style. Mix the banana sauce, apple sauce or molasses as you like. I recommend you to use sunflower seeds to create the unique fragrance. All Almond flour will be fine. Even they may cost some time. Yet these wonderful muffins are worth it. They are absolutely dreamy, addictive and divine. At

Lucia Muffins Recipe

This is a precise recipe for those non-traditional muffin lovers. And I am sure most of you will fall in love with it. You may take these muffins as some kind of cornbread muffins. Actually they are Lucia muffins with a special ingredient. That is saffron. Golden raisins and buttermilk add a more excellent flavor to them. Remember to stir them constantly to avoid burning. You will be attracted by the peculiar fragrance. It is certainly worth for a try! At

Coffee Coffee Cake Muffins

This charming picture really makes us drool, right? You deserve to own them if you are eager for summer like me. All I am looking forward to are watermelon and tacos in picnics. Extremely excellent! Instant espresso powder will add a better flavor to chocolate cakes. Instead of hiding behind chocolate, the flavor is combined with butter and vanilla. Plus tender muffins, no food can match it for a breakfast. At

Double Coconut Muffins

You may plan to go on a holiday in the tropical area before. Which always prevented by daily trifle matters that you don’t have abundant time to make it come true. I think it is also a good idea to have coconut muffins and imagine the bright blue sky while. The whole wheat flour and good yogurt will help you a lot to create this coconut muffin. You can choose a way with either shredded coconut or coconut oil. Baked muffins will be dense yet light and moist. At